Aaron Gordon VS Gonzalez twins in GMGB?


Master P Global Mixed Gender Basketball is catching the attention of professional athletes around the world. WNBA Players are excited to have equal pay, not only will they have men and women competing with and against each other; they will be paid equally. While there continues to be an astronomical difference between the multi-million dollar contracts given to NBA players and the average working class salaries of the WNBA, GMGB will put equal talent between men and women on a level playing field.

ARON GORDON says, “Its a Cool League for the Summer, it like Ice Cube’s BIG THREE but with 5 on 5 on the Court. If I had to choose female teammates it would be the GONZALEZ TWINS “Dylan & Dakota” the ex-superstars of UNLV female ballers. Also, Daniel Robinson and my brother Drew Gordon.”