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mgWelcome to Global Mixed Gender Basketball
… a sport to connect the world.

In┬átoday’s modern, technological world, there has been more disconnect in communities than ever before. Neighbors send text instead of picking up the phone to have a conversation, children play video games online at separate houses, the mom and pop shops are closing down; to put it simply, the neighborhood is changing. And we are here to change that.
Global Mixed Gender Basketball is an innovative concept to the basketball industry.

It features both men and women, playing on the same team, with male and female coaches, managers and staff. The team is paid on equal levels; no more will a woman make less than a man for performing the same job. Opportunities are given to local college age players; experience is something learned, not given. Scholarships are invested into communities, because college has never been so far out of reach for so many students. Camaraderie is found again through sport. Communities will come together to see an event; to connect with each other, to put down the phone and have real conversations and to value good family fun.

Just like the world was before.

For each community involved in Global Mixed Gender Basketball, we will award one scholarship for a high school male graduate and one for a high school female graduate. By giving opportunities to local students through scholarships, we are able to send more students to college. In turn, these students will come back to communities, and succeed as leaders.

Global Mixed Gender Basketball is an investment into communities.

Every time we host a basketball game, we are bringing the community into the equation. As we move forward, the community moves forward with us. We invite all to join us to “connect the world”, one community at a time; no matter what age, color, sex, or religion.
We will bring communities back together. And we will help young people succeed, one at a time.

James Scott

Global Mixed Gender Basketball Founder

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